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Maxwear Stone - Ceppo Sand

Like stone, but soft

Golvabia’s own flooring material Maxwear is now also available in stone patterns in a somewhat larger format. An attractive combination of softness and durability. This versatile material combines extreme durability with inviting, comfortable characteristics. Maxwear provides a surface that is durable and comfortable. The high level of comfort is further improved with a built-in sound-proofing layer made with cork, and durability is improved through the protective impregnation of the click joints.

Slitageklass 33 11mm 5G klick

Article number: 115555

Packages = m2 (1 Box = 2.16 m2)
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Product Data

Collection Maxwear Stone
Length 1190 mm
Width 299 mm
Thickness 11 mm
Pattern Tiles / Stone
Shade Light
Surface Structured vinyl surface
Wear layer 0,55 mm crosslinked PVC with PUR treatment
Core 8,7 mm HDF
Backing 1 mm cork
m2/pallet 60.48 sqm
m2/box 2.16 sqm
Type of packaging Full box
Suitable with radiant heating Yes
Wear class Class 33
EAN 7331041155552
ETIM EC004041


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