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5G® Fold Down locking

All of the flooring produced by Golvabia has the unique 5G® fold down locking system. Just one click and the board is in place - no tools needed. Simple laying means that anyone can create a perfect result quickly and easily!

1. There is a resilient strip in the groove that allows the floor to be folded straight down.

2. When the next board is placed, the strip springs back so that the board can be easily laid.

3. Once the board is in place, the strip springs back out and locks the board in place.

More detailed videos about 5G® !

The TV-show Let's Dance, Sweden have been using Golvabias floor Maxwood since 2016, here you can see the installation.  

The 5G® click system have proven to be substantially faster than other types of click systems. 

A more detailed video about the 5G® click system.

Golvabias floors are easy to install. This short movie shows how easy and quick it's to install. 5G® makes it possible to install one floor board at a time.