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Surface treatment and lacquers

Surface treatment

All of Golvabia’s wood flooring has a surface that provides the floor with a long lifespan and makes it easy to maintain, with an advanced protection system that makes our floors resistant to wear.

Our solvent-free lacquer is applied in a minimum of six layers, which creates a very strong protective barrier.

The lacquer is also reinforced to increase resistance against micro-scratches, allowing the floor’s surface to retain its lustre for years to come. The surface and pattern chosen will have an effect on the end result.


Our natural matt lacquer is reminiscent of a natural or oiled wood surface. This surface allows the unique, natural character of the wood variety to shine through. This surface creates a floor that is durable and easy to maintain.  


Our flooring offers a brushed surface that provides texture and clearly shows off the natural wood grain, which lends a beautiful, rustic character.


Through the years, classic wood varieties such as oak and ash have been used extensively. White and grey flooring is quite popular at the moment. During the staining process, we add pigment to the first coat of lacquer, which we gently brush into the wood to create a floor with a beautiful stained texture without removing the floor’s natural wood feel.


Also called silk matt with a gloss level of 30. The most common gloss level i northern Europe. Our floors are lacquered with 6 layer to give the floor a beautiful look and hig durability. Each layer is thin and is tuned to give optimal characteristics to the finished flooring surface.