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Surface treatment and lacquers

Surface treatment

All Golvabia woodfloors have a high quality surface treatment, that gives the floor a long term durability and makes it easy to maintain. We have four different types of surface treatments - silk matt, matt lacquered, brushed and stained. All our surface treatments are free from solvents, formaldehyde and Isocyanate. 


Mattlacquered surface has become popular lately, especially as an alternative to oiled floors.  The matt surface has a glosslevel of 8-12. The floors get a soft and natural surface, almost like an oiled floor, but still easy to maintain. 

Brushed surface

By brushing the surface the natural structure of wood is enhanced. You get a surface with a soft and warm feeling which you only get from a traditional wood floor. When brushing, the softer part of the wood is more affected than the harder part, which enhances the wood structure.  The floors are then lacquered with matt lacquer.  

Stained Colours

Good, hard flooring woods like oak and ash have been stained in a variety of colours for a long time. Today white, grey and black colours are very much in trend. When we stain our floors we add colour pigments in the first layer that we carefully brushes in to the wood to get a beautifully structured surface without removing the woodfeeling from the floor. Then the additional layers of UV lacquer is added to goive protection and wear strength.  


Also called silk matt with a gloss level of 30. The most common gloss level i northern Europe. Our floors are lacquered with 6 layer to give the floor a beautiful look and hig durability. Each layer is thin and is tuned to give optimal characteristics to the finished flooring surface.