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Maxwood 2-ST

Maxwood 2-ST

Maxwood is a reliable wood veneerfloor from Golvabia. We wanted to make a new product showing how good a veneerfloor can perform. A new UV-coat has been developed, that is harder than normal UV-coats. This can be used with a veneerfloor since it is harder than floors with thicker wood wearlayers. This gives a more resistant surface than ever seen before. Maxwood has an integrated corkbacking, that gives soundreduction, better comfort and an integrated underlay. All edges have been treated with a wax based lacquer, in order to improve the moisture resistance for the installed floor. The 5G clickjoint has been improved and is now stronger and even more easy to install. A thicker HDF makes the floor thickness 10,5 mm and gives a robust and solid feeling to the floor.

2-Strip, A popular parquet pattern. Slightly larger strips provide an elegant look; especially attractive in larger rooms.

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Maxwood 10.5mm 5G klick SundaHus Svanen


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