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Easy installation with 5G® klicksystem

All of the flooring produced by Golvabia has the unique 5G® fold down locking system. Just one click and the board is in place - no tools needed. Simple laying means that anyone can create a perfect result quickly and easily!


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FAQ - Installation

What about expansion joints? How much space should one leave against the wall during installation?
Wood is a natural material that changes with the humidity, so there’ll have to be an expansion joint against walls and solid objects. Leave an expansion joint of 1 mm per meter of floor width (however, a minimum of 8 mm) around the entire floor and solid objects such as stairs, pipes, thresholds, stoves. This allows the floor to move freely during seasonal changes.

Floating between different rooms?
When you lay a floating floor through areas with complex shapes, there is a risk that the floor will get stuck or have difficulty moving, and you may get cracks in the floor. We therefore recommend thatyou lay expansion joints between rooms so that the floor can move freely.

Can our flooring be re-sanded?
No, our floors have a 0.6 mm genuine wood top layer that does not need to be sanded. The durable varnishes available today mean that the surface of modern wooden flooring lasts a very long time before sanding would even be considered. And how do you know you will want the same kind of floor if it is time to re-sand it in 25-30 years?

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