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Maxwear - Soft but durable, tough but comfortable

Maxwear is built with carefully selected components, which combine to provide a revolutionary combination of comfort and technical characteristics. A new material that offers a number of advantages and meets extremely high demands for wear, noise reduction and appearance.

- The PU-layer makes the floor easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs.
- The 0.55 mm hardened vinyl surface layer is a soft yet extremely durable material that also provides springiness and reduces noise
- The amply dimensioned HDF board body provides stability to the floor.
- The 5G click-lock function makes the floor very easy to lay.
- Aquapreg - The protective impregnation in the joints provides greater resistance against moisture.
- Cork backing - The back side of the flooring has a layer ofnatural cork, which creates a degree of comfort and offers soundproofing properties.
- Maxwear reach wearclass 33 which means that it is suitable for contract use, such as restaurants and public stores.