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In Golvabia’s flooring factory

In Golvabia’s flooring factory

“Locally produced” has become an important concept in the food industry. Consumers want to know that the products they are buying are responsibly produced, both in terms of ethics and the environment. But perhaps above all, consumers demand quality. So why not invest in locally manufactured flooring?

In fact, producing our wooden floors right here at home has given us a taste for more, so we are of course eager to continue our investments in the region.

This year, our Maxwood flooring earned the Nordic ecolabel. This shows that our floors meet the most stringent require ments from a life-cycle perspective. For example, we use 100% renewable electricity in our manufacturing, and all of our heating needs are met through the use of waste material from the production process itself. In Småland, we are known for being frugal with our resources, and the more efficiently we can manufacture our flooring, the less resources we use.

Our investments in increased automation have led to increased energy efficiency and an improved working environment, and we have also started to connect parts of the factory to the “cloud” so that our machinery can communicate with staff about what is happening in real time. This ensures higher quality, improves efficiency and creates a more pleasant working environment – better for customers, companies and staff.

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Why do you manufacture the flooring yourselves?

Well, because we are good at it and we enjoy it. The process of manufacturing our own flooring and the knowledgeable and experienced staff here in Småland is an enjoyable and exciting combination. It is an important ingredient in the recipe for lasting success. Working from our factory in Anderstorp has allowed us to continuously explore how we can do things a little better, increase efficiency and use resources more sparingly. At the same time, we always have an eye out for emerging needs and challenges.

It is a journey we undertake together, and with 70 years behind us, we continue to move forward as a one of the leading flooring suppliers in the market. Because we are good at it, and we truly enjoy it.

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