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Maxwood XLW Prover Golv Naturvit

New product - Maxwood XLW

Our widest and longest board

The news size in our Maxwood collection - XLW is our largest format yet (1800x235). It's a floor that gives you the extra touch. The boards have a rustic grading and grains, that reinforces the feeling of a natural woodfloor. Avaiable in four different colors; Raw, Maachiato, Elegant Grey and Naturewhite.


Maxwood XLW Ek Unique Raw 137137 Litet Bord Ovan 2 Maxwood XLW Ek Unique Elegant Grå 137145 Bordshörn Maxwood XLW Ek Unique Macchiato 137138 Close Maxwood XLW Ek Unique Naturvit 137133 Bordskant Ovan