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Design - Lightwood & Maxwood

Lightwood - A wood floor in a modern design 

Lightwood consists of natural materials - nothing but genuine wood. The floor is manufactured in several layers using a modern technique, where each layer is optimized to create the best possible properties. Precision milled joints and a solid, wood-fibre core provide stability and make the floor easy to lay.

An incredibly smart design. Lightwood brings out the wood’s natural beauty while making better use of the raw material, creating a surface that is inviting and comfortable under your feet.

  • The 6-layer Topguard protects the wood surface from wear, dirt and stains, without concealing the floor’s natural colour and lustre.
  • The genuine wood surface gives the floor its beautiful appearance, with the natural variation in the wood grain pattern.
  • The HDF core is a sturdy wood fibre board with a 5G click joint that makes the floor quick and easy to lay.
  • The back side of the flooring has a paper balancing layer that reduces stress in the floor, which can be caused by variations in moisture and temperature.

The design of Lightwood (click to enlarge)

Maxwood - Classic beauty, modern construction

Maxwood is an innovative flooring material that opens the door to new options in wood flooring - and brand new possibilities to add the feel of wood to your interior. With its impeccable design and smart material selection, this floor can stand up to heavy use without losing the floor’s natural benefits. Beauty and comfort - without compromising on durability.

  • The 8-layer Topguard protects the wood surface from wear, dirt and stains.
  • The genuine wood floor surface lends the floor its beautiful appearance.
  • The amply dimensioned HDF board body provides stability to the floor. The 5G click-lock function makes the floor very easy to lay.
  • The protective impregnation in the joints provides greater resistance against moisture.
  • The back side of the flooring has a layer of natural cork, which creates a degree of comfort and offers sound-proofing properties.

The design of Maxwood (click to enlarge)