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Design - Lightwood & Maxwood

The details of smarter wood floors

Lightwood - A wood floor in a modern design 

Lightwood consists of natural materials, quite simply of wood. It is constructed in a modern way, in several layers, where each layer is optimized to give the floor the best possible properties. Precision-cut joints and a hard wood fibre core
make it sturdy and easy to lay. Lightwood lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through, but uses the raw material from wood in a more sensible way.

  • The varnish protects the wooden surface from wear and tear, without concealing its natural colour and lustre,
  • The wooden surface gives the floors its beautiful appearance with natural pattern variation in the grain.
  • The HDF core consists of a sturdy wood fibre board with a 5G click-joint system that makes installation fast and easy.
  • The reverse side of the flooring has a balance-layer composed of paper that evens out tensions in the floor caused by moisture and temperature variations.

Maxwood - Classic beauty, modern construction

Maxwood is an innovative floor material that opens up new possibilities for wood floors and brand new opportunities for decorating with wood. With a well thought-out design and smart choice of materials, it can withstand much more wear and tear without losing the natural benefits of a wood floor. Beautiful and comfortable, without compromising on durability.

  • The varnished surface with MaxGuard's diamond-like hardness increases durability far beyond the properties of standard wood floors.
  • The real wood surface gives the floor its beautiful appearance with a natural pattern variation and grain.
  • The protective impregnation of the joints provides greater resistance to moisture than standard click flooring made of wood fibre material.
  • The robust frame made of HDF makes the floor incredibly stable. The 5G click system makes the floor extremely easy to install.
  • The reverse side has a natural cork layer, which makes the floor comfortable underfoot and provides sound-absorbing properties.